Google My Business – Why Your Business Needs One

My Business Digital Marketing
As you’re most likely already aware, your business should or already does have a Google My Business Listing. A GMB listing is a profile of your business that appears directly on Google & Google Maps when customers search for your business online and is a very important part of digital business development. If you don’t already have a GMB listing set up for your business, it’s something I recommend getting set up ASAP (it’s completely free). These listings include your business name, website, phone number, address, and more. But one major component of the profile that many business owners overlook the importance of is the online reviews section. Online reviews play 3 very important roles that directly affect your ability to make sales. 
  1. Online reviews greatly affect your companies overall SEO. Google will display businesses that have more positive reviews higher in their search results compared to businesses that don’t. Simple as that. (Don’t know what SEO is? Read more about it here). 
  2. Online reviews build consumer trust and help make your business listing stand out compared to your competitors. Think about it, who are you going to pick, the business that has ten 3-star reviews, or the business that has a hundred 5-star reviews?
  3. Online reviews offer an effective way to build consumer feedback loops and gain valuable customer feedback. Customer feedback is the number one way to constantly improve your products and/or services. 
There are actually tons of statistics that show the importance of having a well maintained Google My Business listing, and we have most of them listed out in this article Start working on your GMB optimization today, put Beanstalk to work for you!