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the Sound Alliance & Fast Forward Weekly (FFWD) Proudly Presents:

Inkcounter Music & Arts 2014

SATURDAY APRIL 26TH @ Flames Central

Inkcounter Music & Arts is a showcase designed to combine the many cultural aspects of art, artists, music, musicians & all their enthusiasts; Inkcounter will deliver the strongest punch this demographic has experienced for many years. With the aim to attract those who love Hot Rods, Kustoms, Live Music, Burlesque, Art, and Tattoos; Inkcounter will cover it all.

************************ the Event! ************************

Come Meet, Greet, & Party with some of Calgary’s BEST Tattoo Artists!

INKCOUNTER will feature many of Calgary’s top artists and provide all attendee’s the opportunity to meet, greet, network and PARTY with them all!

Contests & give-away’s all night, plus purchase custom art from your favorite tattoo studio and/or artists at the event!!

************************ Featuring Live Performances by: ************************

the HighKicks



The Electric Revival



The Rumble



Along with Calgary’s #1 Party Rocker JTRAK, a special Burlesque performance and a special meet & greet with some of Calgarys BEST Tattoo Artists!!

************************ The Venue ************************

Saturday April 26th

Flames Central

219 8 Ave SW


FIRST BAND ON @ 9:30pm


************************ Time Slots ************************

Coming Soon

************************ Tickets ************************

Tier 1: $20.00 + Service Charge

Tier 2: $30.00 + Service Charge

Service Charge only added to online ticket purchases

INKCOUNTER Music & Arts 2014 tickets are on sale now! Get yours at any of the following:

– Online: http://ticketf.ly/1kohpPO

– Through ALL Sound Alliance Reps

– Sloth Records 736 17th Ave SW, Calgary, 1 403-265-6585

– The Next Level Inc.

– Forest Lawn 3608 17 Ave SE, Calgary, 1 403-204-0205

– The Next Level Inc.

– Bowness 6517 Bowness Rd NW, Calgary, 1 403-451-7201

– Next Level Underground 1314 17 Ave SW, Calgary, 1 403-460-5877

– Ascending Koi Tattoo & Apparel 1600 Edmonton Trail NE, Calgary, 1 403-276-3066

– Gypsy Rose Tattoos & Piercing 3132 26 St NE #102, Calgary, 1 403-275-9844

– Barron Tattoo Studio 912 12 Ave SW, Calgary, 1 403-457-0565

– Daggermouth Tattoo Company 4131 4 St NW, Calgary, 1 403-220-1006

– Body Inc. Tattoo 215 10 St NW, Calgary, 1 403-270-3817

– Black Widow Ink 5301 21A Ave SE #3, Calgary, 1 403-719-6110

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************************ Attending Artists! ************************

Chiwon An

Studio: Ascending Koi Tattoo & Apparel

Facebook: www.facebook.com/chiwontattoos

Instagram: www.instagram.com/chiwontattoo

Website: www.ascendingkoi.com

Deanna Marie

Studio: Barron Tattoo

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Barron-Tattoo-Studio/104471666273031


Website: www.barrontattoo.com

Dominique Labelle

Studio: Gypsy Rose

Facebook: www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150245602625739.370587.98231715738&type=3

Instagram: www.instagram.com/deadandlovely

Website: www.gypsyrosetattoo.com/

Erica Cyr

Studio: Ascending Koi Tattoo and Apparel

Facebook: www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.498641003503874.117013.181117421922902&type=3

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ericacyrtattoos

Website: www.ascendingkoi.com

Erin Belley

Studio: Barron Tattoo

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Barron-Tattoo-Studio/104471666273031


Website: www.barrontattoo.com

Janet Smith

Studio: Black Widow Ink

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BlackWidowInk


Website: www.bwitattoo.com/

Jeff Mueller

Studio: Body Inc

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TattooIdeology

Instagram: www.instagram.com/piratesinktattoo

Website: www.piratesinktattoo.com

Jesse Perrault

Studio: Daggermouth Tattoo

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/The-Art-of-Jesse-Perrault/113911261987861

Instagram: www.instagram.com/Jesse_Perrault

Website: www.daggermouthtattoo.com

Kate Banning

Studio: Black Widow Ink

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SeaSickDesign


Website: www.katherinebanning1.wix.com/seasickdesigns

Lexi Hanna

Studio: Barron Tattoo

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Barron-Tattoo-Studio/104471666273031


Website: www.barrontattoo.com


Studio: Calgary Tattoo Company

Facebook: www.facebook.com/CalgaryTattooCompany


Website: www.CalgaryTattooCompany.ca/

Nicole Joy

Studio: Body Inc

Facebook: www.facebook.com/joy.astral.ink

Instagram: www.instagram.com/_astralink

Website: www.bodyinctattoostudio.com

Nina Gremo

Studio: Gypsy Rose

Facebook: www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.98241365738.109066.98231715738&type=3

Instagram: www.instagram.com/mamoiselleg

Website: www.gypsyrosetattoo.com/

Salvatore Girimonte

Studio: Gypsy Rose

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Gypsy-Rose-Tattoos-Piercing/98231715738

Instagram: www.instagram.com/GYPSYROSETATTOO

Website: www.gypsyrosetattoo.com/

Sean Green

Studio: Black Widow Ink

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BlackWidowInk


Website: www.bwitattoo.com/

Sophia Brown

Studio: Barron Tattoo

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Barron-Tattoo-Studio/104471666273031


Website: www.barrontattoo.com

Travis Hordyski

Studio: Body Inc

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bodyinctattoos


Website: www.bodyinctattoostudio.com


************************ Studios & Artists ************************

Want to be part of INKCOUNTER 2014?

There are still some booths available free of charge at the showcase for local tattoo studios & artists.

Each studio is invited to have 2 or 3 artists represented at the event. Don’t miss this great opportunity to network with other artists, shops and clients.

For more info, email jer@theSoundAlliance.ca !

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************************ FOLLOW US ************************

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************************ the High Kicks ************************


“I’ve known Danny for like 5 years now. I serve him drinks at the Broken City a few times a week. He hates paying and he’s a bad tipper. I’ve always wanted to play music with him. He comes up to me after a This City Defects show and he’s all like, ‘Holy eff! you sweat a LOT when you play. We have GOT to play together.’ Something like that. I didn’t think he was serious, but he called the next day and we got crackin’ at writing ROCK songs like a week later. At our 2nd jam he told me he’d booked a show for us in 3 weeks so we had to get a set together like, now. And that’s what we did.”

-Matt Doherty

“Matt’s a rad drummer and oh man, he sweats a LOT. He plays like he thinks his body is gonna catch fire if he doesn’t drum wild enough. It’s really something to watch. He comes up to me after a Dudes show one night and asks if I wanted to start a band. Besides being my favourite drummer, he always gives me free drinks so I was like, ‘heck yes!’. I got to his place to jam like a week later and it was amazing. He leads me into his garage and I couldn’t believe it. There’s his bed and his dresser and his drums and a PA. No windows, just show posters and empties. I was thinking, ‘this guy literally lives rock and roll’. I knew we were starting something special.”

-Danny Vacon

Fuzzed out power rockers *HighKicks* are your new favourite band. Listen to their album and tell me I’m wrong. See their rock show and tell me I’m crazy. Featuring members of the Dudes, This City Defects, Dojo Workhorse and Axis of Conversation, HighKicks are old pros at keeping it RAD. They’re coming to your town soon, so keep an eye out if you like honest to goodness, sing along fuzz rock, or just stay home and watch reruns of Frasier if that’s not your thing.

“Having played more or less constantly since their debut a couple of months ago, the High Kicks have been steadily building a following around their lively, stripped down live set. Danny Vacon and Matt Doherty seem perfectly complemented for each other, channeling their chemistry so that the sum seems so much larger than the individual parts. Featuring Vacon on a scuzzy, saturated bass and Doherty behind a drum kit that stands as a testament to materials engineering after he’s done pummelling them… Vacon’s melodic vocals function as an effective counterpoint to the gutter howl they kick up, at once conjuring up rock and roll’s eternal romanticism. With plans to lay down some tracks to tape in the near future, expect good things from this duo.”

-Sebastian Buzzalino

Beatroute Magazine

“The biggest little two piece I’ve ever seen”

-Byron Slack

the Invasives

************************ The Electric Revival ************************

Formed in late 2009, The Electric Revival, consisting of three longtime friends, hit the ground running with the release of guitarist Ian Dillon’s independent E.P. With the inclusion of longtime friends Dallas Lobb on drums, and Dan Toews on bass, the group began playing local Calgary gigs until enough material had been created to release the full length album Presenting: The Electric Revival in 2012. Due to demand, the group kept fans entertained by releasing a new single every week for 13 weeks in the summer of 2012. Following this ambitious undertaking, The Electric Revival released its second full length album Pirate Radio in the summer of 2013 and then a follow up E.P. 5 Songs by the Electric Revival later that same year. As a result of these albums, The Electric Revival was picked up by Cruzer Media to aid in the distribution of the band’s current catalog.

With the bands ability to create and perform material that appeals to a wide audience, Ian Dillon’s ingenuity of his theremin guitar solos, and musical experience of the members, The Electric Revival has seen an increase in its fan base. The group’s first North American tour was well received in 2013, which only fueled the band’s desire to consistently provide listeners with quality material and an unforgettable performance. For information pertaining to upcoming shows please see:

Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Electric-Revival/212968818722596

Reverbnation page – http://www.reverbnation.com/theelectricrevival

To obtain a copy of any of the above described albums, please explore our current catalog on Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/artist/the-electric-revival/id578428376

“Local three-piece the Electric Revival has come up with its own take on the genre, evoking essences of Led Zeppelin and the Black Keys” VUE Weekly

“it’s really quite remarkable that the band’s performance and production manages to capture the retro vibe in a digital age where so many recordings sound sterile and flat.”

Ross – Indie 403

“It left me wondering just what can’t this band do, brilliantly?” Laurence Kellett – AMR

************************ The Rumble ************************

Ladies and gentlemen! Regular men! Children with fake IDs! Don’t miss out on the most potent dose of rock and roll you’ll find this side of hell. They’ve got songs to play all night longs: slow, fast, future and past, passionately frantic and cynically romantic. Tell your friends if they haven’t told you, if you don’t have any, they got songs for you too. People, these four poor freaks know one thing only. That’s making grade A rock and roll music for you to shake your hips to. So don’t miss out, come see the show before they implode

************************ SPONSORED BY ************************

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