Customer Feedback: Why It Matters!

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So you treat your customers like Kings and Queens, you are sure your business’ customer support team provides the best effort to give your customers satisfaction and the best service possible, and your customers are satisfied…. or so you think… Truth is, customers have a better insight into your business and the service/product you provide than you would think, as they can easily spot issues that are invisible to your team. Winning businesses are able to identify and resolve these issues effectively, and their secret tool is customer feedback. In this Sound Alliance Creative Studios blog post we are going to talk about customer feedback, why it matters, and how to collect it.

What Is Customer Feedback?

Customer Feedback is the inputs, insights, issues, and experiences shared by your customers about the services or products provided by your business. This feedback serves as a guide for improving your customer experience and can help make your business better, especially when taking their feedback into consideration and implementing changes. This feedback may be in the form of Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, or comments directly submitted on your business website.

Why Customer Feedback Matters

Although collecting customer feedback may not seem like a good use of your team’s limited time, it is an ideal practice for every business and for good reasons.

Customer Feedback Gets You New Customers

Potential customers often look online for Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, and other types of online reviews before patronizing a business. They value the views of other customers and consider their opinions as social proof. Therefore when you request customer feedback on online review sites, you can gain more customers who will look up your customers feedback before deciding to do business with you. Again, customer feedback serves as Social proof, which is an invaluable asset for your business.

You can Identify Service Issues and Fix Them

As stated earlier, customers have a better insight about the services or products you provide, and regardless of how good the service/product you provide is, there’s always room for improvement. Customer feedback on your Google My Business page and other sites will help you identify where you are lacking and issues about your business that you need to fix. You can then effectively solve these issues and provide a better experience, which will then have a positive impact on the overall growth of your business.

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Customer Feedback Strategies and Methods of Collecting Feedback

Sound Alliance Creative Studios recommends that you identify your goals for seeking customer feedback, before sending a request for feedback. Knowing the outcome you want to get from the feedback and planning the process for acquiring it sets the foundation for a productive use of you and your customers’ time. Without this definition, feedback collected may not serve anyone. Creating effective feedback loops will help you to identify the customer experience you want to improve, collect and manage the data, and then provide you insight on how to improve from there. Below are some methods we recommend at Sound Alliance Creative Studios for collecting customer feedback.

Social media

You can make use of your social media pages to collect feedback from your customers if you want to build invaluable social proof. You can ask for Facebook Reviews or comments on your social media posts. Also, you can collect feedback from your customers using built-in polling features on Instagram and Facebook

Review Sites

As stated earlier in this blog post, prospects often look online for Google Reviews, and reviews from other sites, asking your customers to drop feedback of their experience on your Google My Business page and other review sites, can help you win more customers.

Customer Feedback Surveys

From the feedback on your Google My Business page or other online review sites, you can identify an issue and conduct a survey to get detailed insight from customers. Although conducting a survey to get feedback from customers may seem difficult (when you think of the tons of questions you have to ask), identifying and asking questions relevant to your goals will make the process a tad easier.

Emails and Contact Form

You can send emails to your customers and ask them to review their experience doing business with you. By doing this you establish a direct and private interaction with your customers and also get their honest opinion about your service/product. Also, add a customer contact form on your website so your customers can contact you if they have issues with your service/product. Getting and managing customer feedback is no easy task, Here at Sound Alliance Creative Studios we understand the importance of customer feedback and we can help you take the weight off your shoulders with it to make the process easier. We do this by automating your customer feedback loops, streamlining the online reviews collection process, and providing friction-less methods for happy customers to refer your business to their friends. Ready to start collecting customer feedback? Check out Beanstalk Growth to start your free trial.