Swift Olliver

Swift Olliver
Project Description


Swift Olliver is a local indie band with an eclectic mix of style and music. From their first single to their latest album release, this group has been rocking the music scene for years now. They play concerts big and small, make full-length albums, video releases—all the usual things cool bands do these days.





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Talent Marketing

The Challenge

Swift Olliver was looking for a way to re-introduce their band to the world and make an impact in doing so. They already had tons of media content on various platforms, but they didn’t have a solid, centralized strategy to effectively drive traffic to their content. They were a great band—all that they were lacking was a solid online foundation.

The Solution

The Beanstalk team took on the challenge of designing a state-of-the-art website for Swift Olliver. The website solved two things: (1) it centralized all of the band’s media content, (2) it served as a platform to give them a strong foundation for growth. From there, the Beanstalk! team began planning a media plan that would help position the band in front of their target audience all over the world!


Media Production

Website & App Design


  • Apple Music Integration
  • Spotify Music Integration
  • Youtube Integration
  • Event Calendar
  • Integrated Lead Capture Forms
  • On-Site Instagram Integrated Gallery
  • On-Site Blog
  • On-Site Integrated Live Customer Chat
  • On-Site Integrated Dynamic Google Reviews
  • Third-Party Integrated Bookings Platform
  • Desktop, Tablet, & Mobile Friendly
  • Home
  • Music
  • Dates


Kayle Luft, Co-Owner